i haven’t had a decent keyboard in months. i feel so indulged and spoiled like i could go on forever and talk like the most talkative. but I’m not. I’m a reflector,  a mind inside a mind, some untraveled path that I’m still not sure how to clear. but i once went on a sledding adventure with all of my siblings in the late hours of the night. it was the 6 of us crammed into a blue 2 door Subaru. felt so pleased that my older brothers had invited me and even my little sister. we had our eyes set on a large hill beyond a small services industry. it took some sneaking around to get past it but soon we were among untouched snow. a strange noise soon made our adventure diminish as an uncrossable river jetted straight through our plan. it was too cold for risks and we never did sled that big wide eyed slope. i miss my brother Stevie and sometimes i cry about all the things that have cluttered my mind. i want eye and eye and to see a grand hill to conquer and not be defeated by.

I’m sad at the lack of attention my zine got while I see some blow up on tumble just cuz their glitzy and hip with aliens and glitter or babe shit like maaaaan

Name this movie

Trying to revive some imagery from a vhs my grandma had. Its an animated short film of a princess, I believe, in travel and she gets kicked out of the buggy somehow and survives in the woods with help from a magical tree cupboard that feeds her diamonds and chocolates, or whatever really she wishes.